Conserve the Environment With Sustainable House Insulation

What is SIP Construction?

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are an option when building with Eaglecrest Homes. SIPs can be used for wall construction, roof construction, or both. SIPs can be used with or without the structural framework of a timber frame home, as they are incredibly strong on their own. Structural Insulated Panels are available in jumbo sizes up to 8' x 24', so they speed construction.

SIPs are very energy efficient as they significantly reduce thermal bridging that is common with a "stick-built' wall system. They provide a super tight envelope, keeping your energy dollars inside your home. R-Values vary based on the core material and thickness. SIPs typically have an inner and outer "skin" of 7/16" OSB, adhered to a core of insulation. The core thickness can vary from 4-5/8" to 11-3/8", depending on the core material. R-Values range from 15 to 52, but are an understated measure of thermal efficiency.

Our team specializes in green home building methods in West Michigan. Our goal is to provide you with a solid build that's as energy-efficient as possible.

Key Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels

Key Benefits of Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs are revolutionizing the way contractors in Grandville, MI build homes. We recommend this material for house insulation because:

  • They're water- and wind-resistant
  • They're made from sustainable materials
  • They're able to withstand the elements
  • When you invest in green home building, you're not only making a wise financial choice-you're also helping our environment.

Why Choose Eaglecrest Homes for your SIP Construction Needs?

Eaglecrest Homes' partner Tom Waterloo built his first SIP home in 1988, and has been involved in the construction of more than thirty SIP homes over his career. He is certified by SIPA, the Structural Insulated Panel Association, to instruct Architects for continuing education credit.

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What is the Process for a SIP Construction?

The process of building with SIPs is similar in many ways to conventional construction. Two key differences are lead time and construction time. Lead time can be longer, in as much as SIPs are pre-engineered. Unlike “stick” construction, you can’t call a lumber company and have material delivered the next day. However, because the SIPs are pre-cut to size and shape at the manufacturing plant, and shipped to the site ready to install, the on-site labor and installation time is cut.

Green Building with SIPs

We invite you to visit the Green Building tab of the Murus SIP website, to learn more about Sustainability, Air Quality, Waste Reduction, and LEED.

For more information, visit the Murus Structural Insulated Panels website